Bank Details 

Account Name: Easyhatch Incubation Equipment

Bank: Nedbank

Account Type: Cheque

Account no.:1246607344

Branch Code: 198765


Local Transactions (South Africa)

Important!!! Cash deposits carry an additional charge of 5% of the transaction cost. This is to cover for bank charges which are applicable to deposits made at the bank. Please ensure this additional amount is paid if making a cash deposit.Electronic transfers carry no additional charge.Transfer/deposit confirmation can be e-mailed to or faxed to +27 (0) 86 615 5765. Alternatively you can send notification to +27(0) 79 893 6383 as part of the transfer/deposit transaction. 

International Transactions

Important!!! When making a transfer or bank deposit there are charges applicable to the transaction which could include foreign exchange commssion, handling etc. These costs are for the buyer's account and it is the buyer'sresponsibility to ensure these costs are settled. Goods will only be shipped/released when the full payment as per quotiaton/proforma invoice reflects in our account. Transfer/deposit confirmation can be e-mailed to or faxed to +27 (0) 86 615 5765.